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At’l Do Farms Corn Maze

10:00 AM - 9:00 PM

On The Farm

It’s not all corn and games! There are so many activities to engage in at At’l Do Farms. We have something everyone can enjoy on the farm: the Corn Maze, Barnyard, Cow Train, Hayrides, campfires, Fairy Tale Trail, and much more! During the off-season (Winter, Spring, and Summer) our venue is available for parties and corporate events!
About At’l Do Farms:
Our Mission: To provide a fun, safe place for people of all ages to experience West Texas farming in a unique way while making memories with family and friends.
Farming roots run deep in both of our families, so it was natural that we would carry on this tradition. We married in 1987 and began farming cotton, grain, sorghum, and wheat on land that had been in Patti’s family for generations. Like a lot of businesses, farming is cyclical and it was during one of the low periods that we started looking for ways to diversify and stumbled into an aspect of agriculture that we had not considered before: Agritourism. The idea that we had something to offer other than our crops had not crossed our minds. To experience what our farm had to offer was new to us, but it was also exciting to think that we could also share our love for what we do with others.

As we begin our 21st season, we would like to say thank you to everyone who has visited our farm and continued to support us. Also, we would like to thank our parents for their support, as well as for passing on to the next generation a love for the land, a heritage rich in family values, hard work, and good stewardship. Working together as a family, our children Eric, Emilee, and Allison have always been a part of this growing business. May your time with us be a unique experience while creating memories with family and friends.

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