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The 1942 ‘Casablanca’ Band Concert: Hemmle Recital Hall


Hemmle Recital Hall
2624 18th St, Lubbock, TX, 79406 United States

8:00 PM


Program includes dances, listening tunes, processionals, and songs from England, Ireland, Scotland, and Bassanda, with original choreographies and social dances, French Balfolk, tales of heroes, poachers, maids, gypsies, and witches. #notyourclassicalorchestra!

Free & open to the public!

About the Music:
The Elegant Savages Orchestra is a “folk chamber orchestra” of winds, brass, strings, percussion, folkloric instruments, voices, and dancers, focusing upon the dance music and song of northern and western Europe and of the mysterious country of Bassanda. A major resource is the cluster of music and dance styles known, in contemporary Western Europe, as “BalFolk” (literally, “folk-dance”). BalFolk is a modern phenomenon, part of a new wave of European “revivals” which has transformed expectations about who plays which regional folk styles and what that playing means. At the center of the revival is the dynamic interplay between musicians and dancers, and the emotional community created by the dancing.

About the Vernaculur Music Center:
The mission of the Vernacular Music Center is to provide a center for in-depth and comparative research, study, teaching and advocacy on behalf of the world’s vernacular musics and dance—their construction, history, and role in defining cultural life in human communities—in all cultures and historical periods. The VMC is dedicated to the study of the process by which music is taught and passed on within a community, as well as assisting in the ongoing cultivation of arts on the South Plains. The VMC partners with its 501c3 partner, the Roots Music Institute


Hemmle Recital Hall
2624 18th St, Lubbock, TX, 79406 United States


TTU Vernacular Music Center

Other Organizers

Texas Tech University School of Music

The event is finished.

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